Kind people within our Parish have the following equipment that they are willing to loan out to people within the Parish on the understanding that it is at the users own risk, it will be treated with respect, be returned in a reasonable period of time and in the original condition. Please refer to the telephone numbers listed against each item and call the owner direct to check availability and suitability. The loan is usually made free-of-charge, but the owner may ask for a deposit to ensure safe return.

Extension Ladder> Contact Ken > 01279 777 000

Extension Ladder> Contact TBA

240 v Garden Shredder > Contact Ken > 01279 777 700

6kg Tampering Rammer > Contact Ken > 01279 777 700

Mattock Pick Axe > Contact Ken > 01279 777 700

100 mm Post Rammer > Contact Ken > 01279 777 700

Petrol Compactor > Contact TBA

12" Petrol Disc Cutter > Contact TBA

240 v Cement Mixer > Contact Martin 01279 777964

Platform Access Tower > Contact Martin 01279 777964

Access Tower > Contact TBA

Loan schemes such as ours have recently become very popular in other communities. If you have any DIY equipment that you would be prepared to loan someone in need, why not contact us with the detail. Thanks.