• Welcome to Brent Pelham & Meesden Parish Council

    Welcome to Brent Pelham & Meesden Parish Council

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    Meesden Church

  • Brent Pelham Church

    Brent Pelham Church

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  • Meesden Village Hall

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    Stone Cross Memorial in Brent Pelham

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    Brent Pelham Stocks

Brent Pelham & Meesden Parish Council

Comprises the villages of Brent Pelham and Meesden. These are two rural villages, being relatively small are serviced by a single council consisting of 3 councillors representing Meesden and a parish clerk. All roles are filled voluntarily. For details of the incumbents, refer to the Parish Council page. 

We are located at: 

Brent Pelham & Meesden Parish Council

1 Rose Cottages Meesden, Buntingford SG9 0BA

28 January 2021

Parish Council Meeting

Via Zoom Thursday 7:30 pm View Details

History, Charm & Community Spirit

Latest Parish News

Funding from East Herts

East Herts


January 2021

If you or someone you know has an idea for a project that will benefit your area, funding of up to £300 may be available through the East Herts Council’s Small Community Grants Programme.

You can apply any time and will receive a decision in 3 to 4 weeks. For more details of this grant pot go to https://www.eastherts.gov.uk/community-wellbeing/funding-community-organisations-and-individuals


Meesden BT Kiosk


August 2013

Defibrillators are installed in the Brent Pelham and Meesden BT Kiosks. Anyone in the village dialling 999 with potential Heart problems will be given the access code to the secure cabinet which houses the Defibrillator.

The Defibrillator and cabinet was supplied by the Community HeatBeat Trust and was funded by the Big Lottery Fund, together with contributions by people in the village.

The Meesden Defibrillator was officially opened by Rob Dussek of Ivy Cottages Meesden and the opening ceremony was covered by the Buntingford & Royston Mercury.

Brent Pelham & Meesden
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