Brent Pelham is a village in East Hertfordshire situated approximately 5 miles (8 km) east of Buntingford. There was mention of Pelham in the Domesday Book of 1086 but it was not until 1300 that this was refined to Furneaux, Stocking and Brent Pelham. The name is thought to originate from a combination of the first name of the Peola family, who lived here in the 11th Century, and fire – Burnt, because most of the village was destroyed by fire in 12th Century, thus Brent Pelham.

In the Parish Church of St Mary’s can be found a black, marble tomb slab from the 13th century, built into the wall, commemorating the life of the legendary dragon slayer, Piers Shonks, who in the 11th century, killed the Devil’s favourite dragon.

Outside the church there is set of stocks that hold up to 3 people, though you would have to be quite small! The K6 telephone kiosk, opposite the stocks, has been adapted to house a defibrillator. It stands in the grounds of the Village Hall, built in 1900 by Boulton and Paul, manufacturers of aircraft hangars during the First World War. It is one of the first Village Halls in the country.

Today there are approximately 75 houses in Brent Pelham, ranging from 15th century buildings to modern day construction. Many of the properties are listed and a picture one of them, Church Cottage, often features in newspaper reports of village life. The many mature trees and fields between houses give Brent Pelham its unique character.