We are very lucky to have a small but perfectly formed village hall in Meesden complete with a small kitchen, toilets and even a log-burning stove for use in those cold winter months. It is available for hire, as are the tables, chairs and crockery (either with the hall or separately).

History: The Parish Room as it was called at the time was of timber construction and first opened in Christmas 1900 was built next to the village school which still stands today as shown in the photo. The school itself had been in existence since 1874. 

The Reverend H G Cockerton started fundraising to build the Parish Room soon after he came to the parish in about 1897. With donations from the Patron and fund-raising events organised by the villagers, such as a Grand Bazaar, about £200 was raised. With an additional donation from the Marquis of Salisbury who owned most of the parish at the time and the approval of Baron Dimsdale, the Parish Room was built at a cost of about £275. 

The school made use of the extra space, which was used as the infants’ classroom, but when the school closed the Parish Room was demolished and the school building itself was used as the village hall. It is now used as a meeting place for village events